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Err 92

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I have one xserve being backed up by Retro 8 and all goes well, except for this error message: ansiBytes:wcsrtombs failed to convert multibyte format: err 92


The back seems to complete, but I am worried there is something going on I should fix. We back up to external hard drives, no tapes involved. Does anyone understand this error message. I have scanned the board looking for an answer but did not see one. It has been happening for months. I have no issues with the client (xserve) or the backup engine in any other regard.



Backup Engine - Mac mini running OS X 6.7 with latest updates, 2 Gb RAM, 3 USB drives for rotating backups (error occurs no matter which of these is used)

Xserve - Running OS X Server 10.5.8 with latest updates, 2 Gb RAM and 160Gb Mirrored HD. Server only does one thing: AccountEdge Server


Is anyone familiar with this error and what does it mean?





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