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License Code Is For An Older Version

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I just bought a new Iomega Prestige desktop hard drive. Inside the box is a leaflet offering free software (EMC Retrospect Express). The leaflet provided a link to download the software and also the serial numbers to register the product.


I downloaded and installed Retrospect Express from www.iomega.com/suite2 It is version 7.7 and I;m running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit.


When it came to enter the serial number, it won't allow me to proceed. I get this error "Sorry, that code failed. License code is for an earlier version."


I contacted Iomega support and they said this...



It should not be asking you for a license code. For assistance with this you will need to contact Retrospect support.


EMC recently sold Retrospect to Sonic Solutions. While Iomega will continue to provide Retrospect Express HD and Retrospect Express to our customer free of charge, all support is now handled by Sonic.


To contact Sonic, please use their Support Portal at: https://selfserve.roxio.com/retrospect

The Sonic Retrospect support site is http://www.retrospect.com/supportupdates/


We apologize for any inconvenience.



So here I am. What can I do now? The free software was one of the things that attracted me to this drive.

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If you had a prior version installed, I would try to delete the Retrospect folder under Program Data and try again. That version should have a license code pre-entered.


I didn't have a prior version installed. The drive came with no software, only a link to download it from www.iomega.com/suite2 with serial numbers for EMC Retrospect Express HD for Windows, EMC Retrospect Express for Windows, EMC Retrospect for Mac, Iomega QuikProtect for Windows and MozyHome Online Backup (2GB free) for Windows/Mac.


The only way to install it is by downloading it from the Iomega server.

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