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Retrospect Won't Schedule After 11Pm

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It is clearly a bug

I wouldn't call the failure to accept a starting time that's already past a bug.


The problem is with the user interface. When opening the schedule tab for a script, the starting date on the calendar defaults to "today," meaning the date you are writing or modifying the script. You might not even notice or pay attention to that little calendar when you are setting up what days of the week you want the schedule to operate. If that block of days happens to include today's date, you will not be able to set a backup time earlier than the actual time you are modifying the script (i.e., whatever time is "right now"). If the scripting function were more intelligent, it would automatically advance the calendar to the next date. At the very least, it should throw up an error message alerting you to what you're doing wrong, instead of whatever else it chooses to do without notice (changing "AM" to "PM," reverting to "11:00 PM," etc.).


In general, if you are not setting up a script that is to run later on the date you are writing or modifying your script, the best advice to avoid problems is probably to click on the next day in the calendar before you do any further fiddling with the schedule.

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Thanks, twickland, that was exactly my problem. The script function seemed not to want to accept a change of time. But, per your suggestion, I clicked ahead to the day next week when I wanted a certain script to run, and it accepted my change from 10pm (which seems to be the default starting time) to 2am. I'd likely have never thought to click a new date on the calendar without your prompt. I think you're correct, though, the scripting function should be more intelligent. Perhaps this is something that could be addressed in a future drop of Retrospect.



Where am I? And what am I doing in this handbasket?

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Guest jonatsonic

If so, then he's quite the savant, as I've yet to see a post by twickland that wasn't accurate, well written and helpful.


He provided you a "best practices" suggestion, and you respond with personal insults.


Not cool.





The user has been suspended for 30 days from our forums. If he should come back after that time and continue to insult our members, he will be permanently banned.


We encourage differing opinions and suggestions to resolve issues and improve our products. However, they must be done in a respectful manner to all our members and moderators. We have a zero tolerance policy on name calling and disrespect to our community and our fellow employees.


Now let's get back to the topic at hand :) Robin or Andrew will be happy to help if needed from here on out.



Moderator, Roxio Customer Care

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