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  1. This has happened on several backups lately. Retrospect 10.5 is backing up both the computer it's installed on (iMac 2006 model running OS 10.7.5) and a Mac laptop. The media sets are all kept on a 4TB Drobo, connected to the iMac. The backups for iMac run at 1am, and the backups for the laptop run at 2am. So I'm not there to watch them run. Checking in the morning, I found that the iMac backup failed due to "error -1101 ( file/directory not found)" I selected the media set, and clicked verify. The response window said that "An error has occurred," and no verify operation ensued. Then I looked at the Summary window. It reported that the set contained no members. I didn't really know what to do at that point, so I quit the application and worked on getting to a place where I could call tech support. A few hours later, I sat down at the computer again, and lo and behold, there was a member in the media set! I quickly selected the script to do the backup into that set, and it ran with no errors, completing in just about six minutes. Does anyone have a clue how a media set manages to "lose" a member, what I can do to recover from it, and/or how does the media set later "find" that member, with no intervention by me? Thanks, everyone, for whatever insight you may be able to provide. Elaine Poe elaine@natca.net
  2. David, thanks for your info. Tech Support's instructions did include locating the retroclient.state file and deleting it. The issue with the "wrong serial number" pretty much solved itself. I'm still not certain why it happened or what changed to correct the problem. All those issues were happening under Retrospect 9. After watching the backups for a few days, I decided to update everything to Retrospect 10. The new server and client went in on the iMac, and the new client went in on the MacBook. Backups ensued, and all was fine. Until this morning. During the overnight last night, the iMac was backed up per normal, at least according to the Activities history. But by 9 or 10 this morning, the Retrospect icon in the menu bar had grayed out again, with a gray exclamation point. Either clicking on the icon or opening the prefpane gave the status "Waiting for Retrospect login." I have tried replacing the client, shutting down and restarting the Retrospect engine, and shutting down and restarting the client. The scheduled script is set to go off at 1am. I guess I'll find out in the morning what happened. In the meantime, would there be any suggestions as to how to make Retrospect log the client in? More to the point, why give such a status message without letting the user know how to get from that point to the point where everything starts behaving itself again? Thanks for your help.
  3. I also worked this issue through Tech Support. They ultimately suggested that I delete, then reinstall the Client. I did that, one backup had a hiccup, then it all worked fine for a few days. Until last night's backup. Now, here's what I get after the script launches: + Normal backup using Backup MB250 Lion Users at 3/23/13 To Backup Set MB250 Lion Users A... nertPInstMake: wrong serial number: sought , but found 9-8N7N-5J3F-XUBU-130 nertPInstMake: wrong serial number: sought , but found 9-8N7N-5J3F-XUBU-130 Can't access volume Users on MB250 Lion, error -525 ( wrong client found at that address) nertPInstMake: wrong serial number: sought , but found 9-8N7N-5J3F-XUBU-130 nertPInstMake: wrong serial number: sought , but found 9-8N7N-5J3F-XUBU-130 3/23/13 2:00:21 am: Execution incomplete Total duration: 00:00:01 What the heck is this? I can't find anyplace on the prefpane to put a serial number in. And that doesn't address why it worked fine for a few days, then gagged on an alleged bad serial number. I'm becoming increasingly frustrated.
  4. Setup: Engine is on iMac, backing up itself locally and Client MacBook over wifi. Backups saved to a Drobo, locally connected to iMac. Setup works wonderfully, until a recent three-day trip from home. Engine still looks for the MacBook over the network while the MacBook is away, obviously failing. This has happened before, and was never an issue, as backups resumed when the MacBook returned to the home network. After this trip, however, the Client icon in the status bar changed from the solid box seen previously, to a box with an exclamation point superimposed on it. There is no indication on either the menubar or the preference pane as to the nature of what's causing the display of the exclamation point. In the meantime, the nightly scheduled access of the MacBook by the Engine shuts down after five minutes, generating an error -519 (network communication failed). I have shut down and rebooted both machines, examined the sharing preference, verified that each machine can mount the other and share files back and forth. Each machine can do share screen with the other. Evidently, some bit of configuration has gotten changed. But I can't seem to find anything that would point me toward which particular bit I need to set right. I looked through several of the threads here on the forum but could find nothing that helped. Most of you seem to be pretty far advanced over my knowledge and my setup. With any luck, my description of what's happening here is good enough to enable someone to decipher it. Thanks for whatever help anyone could provide. Elaine Poe
  5. Thanks, twickland, that was exactly my problem. The script function seemed not to want to accept a change of time. But, per your suggestion, I clicked ahead to the day next week when I wanted a certain script to run, and it accepted my change from 10pm (which seems to be the default starting time) to 2am. I'd likely have never thought to click a new date on the calendar without your prompt. I think you're correct, though, the scripting function should be more intelligent. Perhaps this is something that could be addressed in a future drop of Retrospect. Elaine Where am I? And what am I doing in this handbasket?
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