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Mac Retrospect 6.1 With A Windows Client And Error 541

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For some years I have been using Retrospect 6.1/230 with a windows Client on a Parallels Virtual Machine; all worked well. Recently I have been receiving a number of -541 errors on the windows machine, which I can overcome by reinstalling the client and restarting the Windows machine - tedious, but now I have to do it almost every day and I am often getting -1028 errors as well.

Two Questions:

What could be causing this and tis there a simple solution?


It's years since I installed the Windows client (7.0.107) and I don't know where I got it from. Is there a specific Windows client to use with the Mac Retrospewct or do I just use the regular Windows retrospect client - if so, which and where do I get it?


Many thanks



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Thanks, but neither of these offers anything other than reinstalling and restarting. I have four scripts which access my windows machine, out of hours and unattended. if I have already restarted the windows machine that day, the first one might run properly but the subsequent scripts don't. Even if I change the schedule to run in office hours it means I have to restart the machine for every script.


Surely this can't be acceptable. And anyway, I have run these scripts for at least four years with only the occasional restart. I haven't changed the system software on either the mac or the windows machine, so what is causing this and is there a possible workaround? Windows client is 7.0.112, mac retrospect is 6.1.230.


Would upgrading to v8 resolve this or is it just the same on that version?

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