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Backup Set Grooming

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How long should grooming take? I've got a 5.4TB RAID that's split up for use by 4 backup sets. I started a manual grooming process using the default grooming policy on a backup set about 23 hours ago, and it's still running. This backup set holds Exchange 2007 data and is set to use a max of 30% of the available disk space. All yesterday and well into the night the Activity Monitor says Retrospect was "Matching", reading files and tallying sizes. Since I came into work this morning it's flashing "Please wait..." and down below the message it says "Completed 0 files 691.4 GB 19:29:17 sec 0/0 MB/min".


I don't want to stop the process if it's anywhere close to accomplishing the grooming task, yet I have no idea how long I should wait. Of course, last night's Exchange backup run is still waiting to execute until the grooming is completed. The Task Manager says Retrospect.exe is using between 8 - 13% of CPU, so it must be doing something, just don't know what...


Any thoughts?





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