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- I want simply to transfer some (actually a lot of) files from one system to another. Let's call the systems Dick and Harry.

- The Dick and Harry systems are separate, independent and unconnected.

- For EACH system I use Retrospect Professional 7 and back up alternately to 2 separate external hard disks, one using Backup Set A and the other Backup Set B. Other than the similar process, the Dick and Harry systems are separate.

- I brought backup disk A from Dick to transfer to Harry, but I now realize that I do not know how to extract the files from Dick's backup disk and get them into Harry. I'm not concerned with restoring something, merely tranferring data.

- I'm reading some things in the Help regarding "transfers" of backup sets and snapshots, but the fog is thick and I don't want to screw it up.

- Thanks in advance for any help!

- Regards. Jeff Hill.

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Hi Jeff,


In order to get files out of a backup set, you must restore them. In order to restore files from a backup set you need the catalog file. If you find the catalog file for Dick and put it on the external hard drive with the backup set, you can connect the drive to Harry, double-click the catalog file to let Retrospect know where it is, and then run a restore of whatever files you want moved over to Harry.

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