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Drive not seen as part of library?

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Hello Everyone,


we are having an odd hardware/software issue that's proving very difficult to track down. I recently replaced the tape drive on my Tape Library. When Retrospect starts up it treats the tape drive as if it's outside the Library. Retrospect can successfully write to and read from the tape drive. But I have to manually load and unload tapes.


The library manufacturer (Qualstar) informs me they are convinced the software is at fault and will not pursue the issue further.


Has anyone see behavior like this? Is there any way to "reset" the tape library driver or setup in Retrospect?




Qualstar 4222 Tape Library

AIT-III Tape drive

Retrospect 7.0 Multi-Server with library support and all the bells & whistles

Windows Server 2003 SP1





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Hi Dave,


How is this connected? SCSI? Is Retrospect using NT Passthrough or ASPI? Have you made sure all firmware is updated (library, drive, card)?


It looks like the SCSI version of this model debuted quite some time ago, back when ASPI would have been the default communications method. I would recommend ensuring Retrospect uses ASPI for communications (this will have to be installed on 2003), and for good measure, set the SCSI id's to 2 for the drive and 5 for the library.

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