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Batch multiple Duplicate tasks


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What is the best way to batch up multiple duplicate tasks in Retrospect 7.0 Professional and SBS?


I'm thinking of using a batch file and calling multiple run documents. Are there any more elegant methods?


It seems that you can specify multiple source folders for a "backup" task, but can't include more than one set of source/destination for a "duplicate" task.

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You're right, duplicates are a 1 to 1 process. The only other way I can currently think of to get multiple duplicates running at a close time would be to schedule several scripts to run together. You'll already have the scripts for the run documents, but you have to make sure it's a time when all the sources will be available.

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For scheduled scenario, that's not a problem, as multiple jobs can be schedule with 1 minute apart.


The tricky scenario is:


Multiple run documents.


Double-clicking on all the run document icons is not feasible, as once the first one is launched, all subsequent runs are disabled and ignored until the first one is finish, and terminate. At that time, you can double-click the next one, and relaunch the application, etc.


Obviously, this means babysitting the 3x or 5x long processes. Is DOS batch file the best approach to make it unattended? Any templates available?



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