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Barts PE Plugin?


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Maybe I am missing something. What is Bart's PE of Retrospect?



Barts PE is a free program that creates a boot CD, and Windows runs from the CD, and you can run programs from your hard drive, without booting from the hard drive. THis comes in handy in case of a disaster.


There are plugins for the program, that allow different programs to run directly from the CD.


The homepage for Barts PE is:




Although one can find hundreds of these plugins on the net, I didn't find one for Retrospect.


Information on the plugin file format can be found at:



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Once again, does anyone know of a Barts PE plugin for Retrospect?


(Note to EMC developers--some developers include a Barts PE plugin with their program. Having access to one's backup/restore program could be quite important in a situation where one might use the Bart's PE bootup CD. You might wish to create a Retrospect plugin for it, for Retrospect users who create a PE disk.)

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This was moved to Product suggestions. It could be a suggestion, but not necessarily so.


Many apps come with a Bart's PE plugin for that app. Acronis True Image, for example, and many others. That would be a suggestion--for EMC to create a Bart's PE plugin for Retrospect, and include it with the app, or just have it available to download.


There are, however, many third-party plugins, freeware, created by individuals, for different apps. Therefore, I was asking if anyone knew of one? It wouldn't necessarily have to be created by EMC-Dantz, although it would certainlly be nice if they included one.

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