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Is tape backup or hard drive backup faster?


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I am currently running a tape backup (HP Ultrium 460) to a Windows Server, but the speed of the backup is extremely slow. I am only getting about a GB an hour and there is about 120 GB of files needed to be backed up every week. This backup is an in-house network backup.


Would the speed of the backup increase if I use a USB 2.0 7200 rpm 320GB external HD?

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An LTO tape drive should write data at about 500 MB/Min to 1 GB/Min.


What version of Retrospect are you using?


Do you have any other SCSI Devices on the computer?


What version of Windows Server is this?


I suspect a device communication problem is causing the slow speeds.

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We are running Retrospect 6.5. Yes, we have SCSI Devices on the computer. After checking device manager there are the following SCSI Devices:


* SCSI Controller (working properly)

* Adaptec AIC-6X70 SCSI Controller (device cannot start, code 10)


The tape deck is connected to the server by a SCSI Cable. We are running Windows 2000 w/ Service Pack 4.


If it is a device communication problem that is causing slow speeds, do you suggest swapping cables?


What is your opinion?


Thank You

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