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Strategies for backing up to external HD then to DVD

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We have about 200GB of data to backup using Retrospect 7.5.


What I'd like to do is firstly do a backup to external harddrive then switch to doing nightly normal backups to DVD.


From doing a few tests & reading relevent parts of the manual I can't work out a way to do this.


Whenever I switch the backup set from the set that contains the hard disk to the set that contains DVD Retrospect starts a compete new backup & asks for enough DVDs to fit 200GB.


Am I missing something or is this not possible?




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Hi Alistair,


Retrospect's comparison feature is based on information stored about files in a backup's catalog file. Each backup set has its own catalog file, therefore each backup set will only increment upon data already stored in that backup set. You cannot run a "full" backup to one set, then run "incrementals" to another set.

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