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Anyone have a little patience for a Retro newb?

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My company just purchased Retro Single Server for our Windows 2003 Standard Server. We use a SCSI IBM tape drive for backups. DAT72 Tapes. This software seems perfect for what we need however it confuses the heck out of me. I've never delt with backup sets, recycled backups etc.. and I don't know where to begin. This is my goal:


I want to be able to backup;


1 Folder on Server

3 Folders on Client A

2 Folders on Client B

3 Folders on Client C


Basically, I want retro to backup anything in those folders on a daily basis, but I need to rotate my tapes and take one off site. I have 3 tapes to use, and shouldn't have any issues fitting a full backup on a single tape. How would I go about handling this? I know it's a lot to ask, I just don't know how to tackle this goal efficiently.

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If you're going to be rotating between tapes, you should set up one backup set per tape. This way the data on the tapes won't have any interdependancy.


Add your clients in via Configure>Clients.


With these three backup sets created and your clients added in you're ready to create a script. Switch to advanced mode in the script, then define your sources by subvoluming each of the clients and specifically defining each folder you want backed up. Makes sure you have only those folders selected for the backup.


Add all three backup sets as destinations for the script. Make any adjustments to the options that you need (generally the defaults should work fine).


Schedule the script according to how often you want to rotate the tapes. You'll see on the schedules that you can define which backup set a particular schedule runs to. You'll want to use either Normal or Recycle options depending on how often you want to keep the tapes on site. Remember, Normal will add new and changed data to a backup in an incremental fashion, while Recycle will erase everything on the tape and start the backup from scratch.

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Hey, thank you for the reply. I have my initial script set up and ready for the first trial run. I'm starting to understand the terminology a little better. When your used to Windows built in backup software, then switch to this, whoa hehe. Thanks for your time Foster. I'll post back if I have ay more questions.




- Lotus4669

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