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Waiting for Media when tape is in the library - tape not recognized


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Hi -


We are experiencing an intermittent problem where Retrospect will be "Waiting for Media" during a scheduled backup however the tape is in the tape library. When we look under devices when this occurs, retrospect has the specific tape listed as its bar code (where the media name should be) along with the same bar code under the bar code. There are other tapes in the library at the same time that are listed with there correct names. Our work around is to drag the tape from the library slot to the top in the devices screen - the tape gets moved and then the name shows up on the devices screen. This problem is generally intermittent, though we have found that it will often occur when we put in new tapes at the beginning of our backup rotation (we put in 3 new tapes once a month) - this month - this problem occurred for each of the three new tapes).


Any suggestions, know problems, work arounds?




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