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schedule script .. how to


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I want to create a script that does an incremental back up every day and then once per month does a recycle backup.


Wd appreciate knowing if this can be done and if anyone has such a script perhaps they cd let me know.




PS Using Pro 7.0 Win XP

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Hi David,


Yes, this can be done. When you're creating a script you can set the Action on the schedule to be either Normal or Recycle. You'll want to have two schedules - one Day of Week schedule with the action set to Normal, and one Repeating Interval schedule with Recycle as the action. If you set both schedules to run at the same time, a Recycle will always override a Normal.

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Thinking about this a bit more, would this plan work?


1. I have 2 external usb Hard Drives as destinations. Currently Drive A does a recycle backup on Mon, Wed & Fri to Backup Set A via script Daily backup 1. Drive B does recycle backup on Tues, Thurs, Sat & Sun, to Backup setB via scriot Daily backup2.



1. Keep current scripts but amend to "Normal" backup.


2. 2 new scripts set to do recycle backups every 8 weeks but with one having start date 4 weeks after the other.


3.BUT!! Wd prefer that destinations for new scripts are the SAME PAIRS as now. So, say I called new 8 week recycle script "8weekly recycle bakup1" and set its destination as Backup Set A, would this clear out all the snapshots from Docs & Settings (or wherever located on Drive C) and delete the backup files from the relevant USB Drive but creating the new recycle sets for each (snapshot & USB Drive).


4. If YES this is exactly what I want.


5 Advantage over current system is that one occasionally wants to find a previous version of say a spreadsheet. This way you can go back 8 weeks to a version - which should be OK. Also it avoids having to remember to do a manual recycle backup when USB drive is full and not least any restore only has a limited number of snapshot iterations.


Any other thoughts wd be much appreciated.





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You could configure your backups this way, or you could enable grooming on the backup sets and let Retrospect clear out older parts of the backup on a regular basis.


In the properties for each backup set, tell Retrospect to keep only the last X snapshots where X would be:


Backup Set A: 24 (3 days per week * 8 weeks = 24 snapshots)

Backup Set B: 32 (4 days per week * 8 weeks = 32 snapshots)


Then create a grooming script and schedule it to run weekly, so you have a sort of sliding window of backups that clears out old stuff once a week.

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