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Retrospect 6.5 Pro Scheduled Duplicate vs. Immediate Duplicate options


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It appears that I can choose specific folders to duplicate only if I do an "immediate duplicate" operation. I know which folders I want to duplicate from my C drive as a scheduled weekly operation and those folders are not easily identified through the selection criteria available for scheduled duplicate operations.


I don't understand why the "files chosen" option is only available when running an immediate duplicate. Is this different in later versions of Retrospect? Is there a workaround that would allow me to duplicate just selected folders within a scheduled script?


When I tried writing a script using the "Backup/Duplicate" choice, I could not then choose "schedule" as an option without getting a warning that files chosen would be discarded.


Thank you.

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The 'files chosen' browser is not available in a script because browsers display a current list of files on the source volume. This is explained in 'Browsing and Scripts' on page 287 of the 7.5 manual (not sure what page in the 6.5 manual, look for the 'Browsing' section).


If you want more specific file selection when scheduling a backup you will have to create a selector.

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The explanation in the manual doesn't really justify to me the reason why a static list of folders could not be part of a browser selection that is saved for scheduled execution. The files within those folders can be dynamic, but the folders themselves remain constant.


The only workaround to this limitation I can think of is to rename my folders so that a selector can be defined on the basis of those folder names. Right now the characteristics of those folders don't lend themselves to creation of a selector.


Thanks for clarifying that this system limitation is the same in later versions of Retrospect.

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I renamed the folders I want to duplicate in a scheduled job. I then chose to include where name like my* and exclude conditions:


Windows is Documents

or Windows is Program Files

or Windows is Application Data

or Windows path matches c:\Windows

or Windows path matches c:\Documents


After the duplicate operation, I am surprised to see that the 14 files from the following folders have been duplicated:


C:\Documents and Settings



Why are these files being duplicated when I have the above selectors specified?

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