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Need help with restore


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Several months ago I got a WD external hard drive and it came with Retrospect 6.5. I've been using it for complete backups. Now my C drive died. I installed a new HD, formatted, it reinstalled Windows. I bought the upgrade to Retrospect 7.5 and put that on the computer. Now I want to restore my files from the external HD. When I select the drive with the backup (it has a folder "Retrospect backup"), it says "The selected disk does not contain any data files. Select another disk". The files are there - under the folder "retrospect backup" are all of the folders that were on the drive.


How can I get the files restored from the external HD?


thank you!

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If all your data appears in normal explorer format (files and folders) then you do not have a backup - you have a duplicate. You can't use Retrospect to restore your system from a duplicate. These files will need to be moved back into place manually.



thank you for the reply.

Under "Retrospec backup", there is a folder "Backup of C drive", and all of the folders and files are in normal format (read by Explorer). (It was made by Tetrospect.) I guess I thought that a duplicate would be a duplicate of the disk you could copy back. I can copy them back directly, but then none of the programs I had installed show up under "all programs" and all settings, etc are lost.


If I copy the folders back from the external drive, is there any way to get the programs I installed to show up under All programs, and get the other settings to work?

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