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Script chaining doesn't work

Jack Sparrow

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Hi !


I got Retrospect 7.5.285 and all my clients are 7.5.116.

Retrospect runs everyday :

- 16.00 : script 1 is launched

- 16.01 : script 2 is launched

- 16.02 : script 3 is launched

- 16.03 : script 4 is launched


However, scripts 2, 3 and 4 seem to start at random : yesterday script 3 begun before script 2 !

How can i be sure that script 2 runs before script 3, itself before script 4 ?


Thx !

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Retrospect does not support chaining scripts, you will need to provide a wider schedule window to ensure that only one script is waiting at a time. Take a look at this thread for a bit more on schedule order:




They are talking about the Mac version, so I'm not positive whether the same behavior could be expected from 7.5.

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