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Sharing violations during backup of c: drives

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Hello, I just upgraded to Retrospect 7.5 Multi Server edition, and am currently backing up the c: of two servers (among other sources). I’ve noticed that I’m getting a fair number of ‘error –1020 (sharing violation)’ with the drives, mostly regarding our anti-virus (F-Secure), SQL Server and a few in Windows (Temp files, NTUSERDAT, etc.)


Could anyone tell me if this is something I should be concerned about, or just life as normal? (or I need to buy the open file addon)

I’m also concerned in that I’m planning to purchase the disaster recovery addon, and I want to make sure that this won’t mess up my ability to recover.


Additional Information: One drive is a local c: with a domain controller (26 errors, 6 warnings), and the other is a c$ share with an SQL server (50 errors, 1 warning), both Windows Server 2003 SP1 fully patched with Retrospect 7.5.285



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This sounds like normal operation if you do not have the OFB add-on. The F-secure data is probably temporary working information that will not be necessary during a full restore, of course you'll need to check that to know for sure. For SQL you'll want the SQL server add-on. It is not necessary to have OFB in addition to this. As for the other Windows information, it will mostly be up to your discretion whether or not you need that data backed up.

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Thanks for the heads-up Foster,

I can deal with the errors for the most part, I’ll have to have another look at the addons.


I’m a little concerned for the second (non-local) server, as the error list includes:









The local server doesn’t seem to have problems with these files.


Unless I’m mistaken these SAM and (I’m assuming) the registry are rather critical for the restoration of the server. Any idea if there is a way to grab this from a remote system? I’m currently using the c: share, would the Retrospect client help?

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Just to let anyone who might be interested know, it looks like you do need to use the Retrospect client to backup critical Windows files on remotes systems. I think it has something to do with the fact that the client operates under System while I was ‘merely‘ running as administrator.

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