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assertion failure at tree.cpp-2564


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Typically assertion failures are related to damaged configuration files. Here is what I would recommend to recover:


1) If you haven't already, reboot the machine.


2) Remove the configuration files from C:/Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Retrospect.


3) Launch Retrospect and enter your license code(s).


4) If you are using 7.5, fine. If you are using 7.0, make sure you have the driver update.


5) Rebuild the catalog file for the backup set that was being groomed at the time of the crash.


6) Verify the backup set using the 'Verify media' option from the Tools menu.


7) Attempt grooming again.


You could attempt these steps without removing the configuration files, however this will increase the likeliness of encountering this error again. As you may or may not know, removing the configuration files will revert Retrospect to a clean installation. So you will need to recreate scripts, as well as re-add clients and backup sets.

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