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I've got a computer on the network that refuses to play nice. Error -43. I've deleted the client and added it back to the server. At the client end I've uninstalled and reinstalled the client. Immediate scan, even to do a back up to a new storage set will fail. File/folder not found. Client is running 10.3.9 and retro 6.0.109

Similar to other machines and I'm not having issues with any other computer.


Repaired disk permissions at the users computer (using Apples Disk Utility)


Stumped on how to get this computer backing up again.


Suspect user was cleaning up harddrive and may have thrown away a file during back up but this machine HAS to get backed up.




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Hi Anne,


If the path for the missing file is not listed in the operations log, you could attempt to narrow down the source of the problem by selecting subvolumes from the drive for backup rather than backing up the entire drive. This should help you to find what exactly is causing error -43.

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