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Retrospect not performing scheduled backups

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Retrospect Backup 6.178

Mac OS X 10.3.4


I have a series of three scripts that have been working fine, but now is suddenly putting two of the three scripts into the "waiting now" status. These two scripts back up the client desktops and the servers to a hard drive, starting at around 6:00pm each night. What is odd, is that the third script, which starts at 9:00am each day, and backs up the hard drive to tape runs just fine, even with the other scripts waiting for execution.


This is not happening consistently.


When Retrospect starts doing this, I have to go in and delete the waiting events and then restart the Retrospect computer. Simply deleting the waiting events does not correct the situation.


What is wrong? And how to I correct it?

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I do not know what is wrong, but I can make a few suggestions. The first would be to update to 6.1.126 and make sure you're running the latest client versions as well. Next, ensure the client machines are not set to go to sleep or have the hard drives spin down. Are you able to run an immediate backup of the clients after this waiting status appears?

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