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Retro 7. - Something Changed Launcher Server is no longer running


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Windows 2003 Domain - Win Xp Clients - Retrospect 7


This morning I noticed I did not receive my normal e-mail message from retrospect. I logged on to the server and checked the activity monitor/logs and it indicated it did backup. When I went to exit from retrospect it tells me "The Retrospect Launcher service is not running" - but when I check the services I see it is running. I re-started the Retrospect Launcher server and repeated the entire process again and still get the same message. It seems something has changed and I am not sure what.


I need some suggestions....

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Here's something to try:


Go to Configure>Preferences>Startup and uncheck the option to 'Enable Retrospect Launcher service.' Then 'OK' out of Preferences, exit Retrospect and reboot the computer. This will uninstall the launcher service and remove it from the system.


Then perform the same thing again, enabling the option and rebooting the system. This will install it again.


Or you could uninstall the whole application/reboot, install/reboot. All of your settings will remain in tact through this, as they're stored in a file that is not removed during an uninstall.

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