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Error -205: Lost access to storage medium

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I have a brand new HP server running Windows Server 2003 and Exchange 2003. The server has the HP Smart Array 6i SCSI RAID controller installed. Attached to that on the external channel is a brand new HP LTO Ultrium 2 tape drive. I have Retrospect 7.5 Multi-Server installed with the latest updates.


Periodically, when I do a backup, I get the following error message:


Trouble writing: "1-Set B" (3884056576), error -205 (lost access to storage medium)


This message is always accompanied by this message appearing in the System event log:


The device, \Device\Scsi\cpqcissm1, did not respond within the timeout period.


This message ONLY appears when I'm using Retrospect - at all other times the system functions normally. If I log back onto the server and answer the message, it will normally complete the backup job. However, I need to know how to fix this so this doesn't happen anymore. Please help.

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Hi Todd,


Is Retrospect the only application utilizing the tape drive? If so, that would be a good explanation of why this error only occurs when Retrospect is running. If not, other applications may be attempting to gain access to the device while Retrospect is running and cause an interrupt in the backup, resulting in error -205.


Have you verified you are up to date with firmware for both the tape drive and SCSI card? Are there any other SCSI devices attached to this card? What is the SCSI id of the tape drive? Does the interruption of the backup occur at a consistent interval? i.e. the problem always occurs after copying the first 4gigs of data?

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