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Error -3681 Backup is already active on First Storage Group

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Hi all. I've been receiving this error when trying to backup Exchange on Windows Small Business Server 2003. Some background details:


--OS: Small Business Server 2003, SP 1, running Exchange and Retrospect

--Retrospect Small Business Server Premium 7.5.285 running on the SBS Server, backing up to a combination of NAS on an XP Pro machine and a local tape drive.

--Retrospect runs as the local server administrator. Member of Administrators, Domain Admins. Has an active Exchange mailbox, mailbox is not hidden from the GAL.


I have spoken to the EMC technical support team several times about this, and we have been unable to solve it so far. I'm trying here as another option.


Problem: Retrospect will back up the First Storage Group exactly once. After it has successfully backed up once, I will receive the error -3681 Backup is already active. If I restart Retrospect, it will back up the First Storage Group again, exactly once before receiving the above error. All mailboxes backup successfully all the time.


After the last phone call to tech support I was hoping I had "solved" the problem by setting Retrospect to Exit when not active, and setting the Look Ahead Time to 1 hour. However Retrospect never shuts itself down, I am suspecting this is because Proactive backup continues to Poll as long as any Proactive Backup Script is active. (I have rescheduled to leave at least 2 hours completely free, and will see how that works tonight.) In any case, this isn't really a "fix" to the problem.


Can anyone suggest anything else?



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