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Error creating recovery CD using retrospect 6.5


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I did a full system backup on an external (USB) harddrive using retrospect 6.5.

After completing the backup I attempted to creat a recovery CD.

Retorspect crashed windows while creating the recovery CD.


I have attempted to do this proceedure multiple times, using 2 different CD drives on my IBM T40 thinkpad, 2 different windows CDs (one with SP2 the other without) and even using different computers (I also used an AMD desktop). In all cases, rerospect 6.5 crashes when attemptig to creat a recovery CD!


I even run retorspect 6.5 in windows protected mode and it still crashes when I try to do a recovery CD.


A year ago I did the same proceedure without any problem.


Is there a known problem with with retrospect 6.5, which prevents it to work properly with the latest windows updates? Will an upgrade to retrospect 7.0 solve this problem?


FYI I have windows XP with the latest updates, symentec antivirus and spyware doctor.


Any help is appreciated.


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This doesn't sound like any known issue I've heard of. A few other things you could try would be to copy the i386 folder from the Windows cd to your hard drive and point the DR wizard there instead of to the cd. However, the one thing that you didn't specifically say changed during all of this is the backup. Were there errors during the backup? Are you able to restore from the backup? What happens if you run an incremental backup and try again with the new snapshot?

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