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Removable USB Drives No Longer Seen After Upgrade 6.5 Professional -> 7.5 Multi-Server

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I was using Retrospect 6.5 Professional with 2 Maxtor One Touch USB drives. I just upgraded to Retrospect 7.5 Multi-Server and even though the drives are visible in both Windows Explorer and in the Retrospect volumes dialog box, they do not show up in the devices list and I am unable to create a backup set on these drives.


I am using Windows XP Pro SP2.


One more piece of information: the removable drive shows up in the make backup set function (but not the devices section), but when I select it and click ok, I get the following error:


The disk cannot be used, error -1017 (insufficient permissions).


Any help you can provide would bevery much appreciated.


Thanks so much.

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