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Unable to restore Database

Jiff Lemon

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OK, using retrospect version


Trying desperately to restore a SQL DB. I have a full restore from the first of the month, which I can restore.

Also have daily differentials of the database.


Restoring the full database isn't a problem

When i try to restore the Differentials, restrospect is asking me for full backup set from over a year ago!


What the heck is going on?


how can I tell it to use the full restore from the begining of the month?

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You should go to Reports>Databases and get properties on the database you are trying to restore. It will show you which backup sets contain your data files and what the member names are.


The Full Backup can be on Backup Set A and the Differentials can be on Backup Set B.


If you wanted all the data to be contained on Backup Set B (full and differential) then you must do a Full Database backup to Set B before attempting differentials.

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Differentials are on one set (lets call it A)

Fulls are on another (lets call it B)


However, when I try to restore the differentials, it asked for a year old set (set C) , NOT set B


I can sucessfully restore the set B full backup, but need to use the differentials to roll it forward.

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