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Mac OS 8.5.1 and Retrospect 4.3 client

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We currently have Retrospect 5.1 server running on Mac OS 9.2.2 and need to connect to a Mac OS 8.5.1 computer running AppleShare IP v6.1.


After speaking with tech support, I was instructed to try using Retrospect 4.3 client , unfortunately Retrospect 5.1 was unable to find the 4.3 client on the OS 8.5.1 computer. I have also tried using the Retrospect 4.1 client with the same result...


Does anyone know what version of Retrospect client that works on Mac OS 8.5.1 can successfully connect to Retrospect 5.1 server running on Mac OS 9.2.2?




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You should just use the classic client. The 4.3 client isn't needed.




The client will require TCP and the client needs TCP/IP networking with the Connect Via options set to TCP/IP. Also turn off Load Only When Needed:


Always Load Open Transport TCP/IP (Mac OS 7/8/9 Clients only)


To ensure that Classic clients (Mac OS 7/8/9) are always ready to respond with TCP/IP, you must change a setting in their TCP/IP control panels.


Open the TCP/IP control panel and choose User Mode from the Edit menu. Select Advanced mode and click OK. Click the Options button, uncheck the "Load only when needed" checkbox, and click OK. Close the TCP/IP control panel, save changes, then restart.

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