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Retrospect Will Not Move Media or Forget Tape History

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I have an Exabyte 215 tape library / autoloader. Running Retrospect Multiserver




I recently changed my tapes. When I view the Status of my library, it still lists the old tape names in the slots. The names are all grayed out.




When I select Scan Media, it quickly displays the progress windows as if it is actually moving media, but nothing gets moved. Basically, it displays moving each tape for about 2 seconds.


If I try to manually move a tape via the gui, I get the same progress window, but nothing gets moved. If I select Erase media, it shows the progress windows, then squacks "No Media:.




This has happenend to me once before, and I reinstalled Retrospect. Is there a way to fix this problem without removing and reinstalling Retrospect? I do not want to lose my client settings and scripts.




I have reset the library and restarted the computer several times. Nothing has changed except the tapes. The display on the library lists the correct populated slots.





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