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"Can't erase, no media" error

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This is a Windows XP machine with Retrospect v 6.5. I go to create a Backup Set and specify that I want it done to "Tape". It gets to the dialog window to choose the tape and it finds the silo we have attached to the machine.


It gives the message "moving to erase media" and the happy little clock that leads me to believe that things are happening and it sits there for awhile.


After a bit I get the message "Can't erase, no media"


There are plenty of tapes in the silo; the bar code numbers come up in the window.


Any ideas?

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What is the make/model of your tape drive as shown in configure->devices->environment?


What version of Retrospect are you using?


Make sure to disable the drivers for the loader and tape drive in the Windows device manager. Otherwise there will be conflicts with Retrospects drivers.



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