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Tape Drive hardware failure message

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Hi folks,


I hope you don't mind if my question is too basic, 'cause I'm a rookie in IT business.


Our server runs Win2ks with a Sony SDT-11000 tape drive as backup media. We used to use Win2k3 backup utilities as our backup software and there was no problem. Two weeks ago, we installed Veritas Backup Exec v9.0 and problems started. First, tape ejected automatically just when it was inserted or sometime it ejected by itself at the midway of backup. We though something wrong with the Veritas software and we uninstalled it, switch back to Win2k3 backup utilities, we also uninstalled and re-installed the tape drive driver. The ejecting problem stopped but still backup process failed. An error message showed up at the midway of the backup process. The message read:


Error: The device reported an error on a requested to write data to media.

Error report: Hardware failure.

There may be a hardware or media problem

The operation was ended.


The strange thing is that not all backup process failed. We have two successful backup out of a dozen trials, despite that the setting of each backup is the same. Could somebody give me some help and suggestion. Thanks.

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