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Retrospect 5.6 cannot see the tape drive

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We are using Retrospect 5.6 for Workgroup.

Everything worked OK for years. Suddenly we started getting communication errors. When I go to Configure - Devices - I don't see the tape drive anymore. I tried the suggestions in the KB articles - didn't help.


We have two new tape drives, and they are OK -when we run the tape diagnostics, everything works OK. So what else could be wrong? Tried to reinstall Retrospect and drivers - no luck again.


I would greatly appreciate any suggestions.


Thank you,


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If passible try connecting the device to another machine to see if the problems continue. If they do then you know it is a hardware failure of some kind. Diagnostics don't always catch everything - i.e. it may run great with the diagnostics and fail on a real backup.


Make sure the windows drivers for the device are disabled in device manager.




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