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SCSI autoloader problem - libraries disappear

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I have Retrospect Multiserver 6.5.276 with all options (Multi Server Value Package) running on a Windows 2000 server with 3 Ecrix (now bought out by Exabyte) Autopak 2x15 (two drives, 15-slot library) autoloaders connected to an Adaptec 39160 Ultra 160 SCSI contoller.


I have applied the firmware updates to the drives, but there is no flashable library firmware. In default configuration the libraries actually show up as "Spectra Logic Library" and the drives show up as "Ecrix VXA DC".


Anyway, everything works fine, except that the libraries sometimes disappear from the Storage Devices Status screen. Then, automated backup operations can't find the tapes they need. Going to the Environment tab and hitting refresh usually clears this up, and then the backup operation can continue, but that requires frequent monitoring and intervention. I'll be happy to email a jpeg of what I'm talking about if anyone is interested.



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