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media request timeout not relayed to os x client


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We observed the following network problem with pitond (mac os x client), I wonder if anyone else has seen this -- I've seen other posts on pitond not quitting, but not in exactly this circumstance.




Running Backup Server script overnight, server is Retro 5.0.205 on Mac OS X, client is Retro 5.0.528 on Mac OS X. The backup tape fills up, generating a Media Request. I'm not in the office, so it times out, and the script stops:



+ Normal backup using $[24]Group 3 BS$[25] at 5/25/2002 8:15 PM


To backup set $[*!s321,,14,+3]Group 3.5 CÉ




- 5/25/2002 8:15:22 PM: Copying $[*!s314,,14,+3]Moth on $[35]moth$[36]É


5/25/2002 8:15:22 PM: Connected to $[*!s13805,,14,+3]moth


$[40] Media Request timeout after waiting 00:30:00


$[40] Device trouble: Ò2-Group 3.5 CÓ, error -24004 (time limit exceeded).


5/25/2002 10:22:33 PM: Execution incomplete.$[3105202522]


Remaining: 117942 files, 1.8 GB


Completed: 227342 files, 13.8 GB


Performance: 161.3 MB/minute


Duration: 02:07:11 (00:39:50 idle/loading/preparing)





However, the client is still running, and using up rather a lot of processor time (105% on a dual-processor G4 -- here's what it said 2 days later when the user came in after the holiday weekend):




290 ?? R 5334:47.51 /Applications/Retrospect Client/Retrospect Client.app/Contents/Resources/pitond






Processes: 76 total, 3 running, 73 sleeping... 233 threads 10:41:03


Load Avg: 1.09, 1.14, 1.01 CPU usage: 21.5% user, 78.1% sys, 0.4% idle


SharedLibs: num = 142, resident = 49.2M code, 2.39M data, 16.5M LinkEdit


MemRegions: num = 7198, resident = 168M + 15.2M private, 90.3M shared


PhysMem: 120M wired, 136M active, 622M inactive, 877M used, 403M free


VM: 3.07G + 70.5M 211214(0) pageins, 46654(0) pageouts






290 pitond 102.7% 88:56:39 17 83 140 520K 2.43M 1000K 14.7M



I had been using tcpdump on the server to try to track down a different problem with Retrospect. I think I recall that after the Media Request, there were still packets being exchanged once a minute between client and server, but the log file got overwritten, so I don't have it.




My conclusion is that, for whatever reason, the server is not relaying the failure message about the Media Request back to the client.

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