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3 errors appearing in my backups i can't figure out

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Retrospect 7.0.326

update version

server: PowerEdge 2600




scanning incomplete error -3405

erorr code -3407

error -1121 (inknown file system)


backup completes fine, but i see these errors in various directories.

I can't find anything in the KB on how to fix these. should i worry about them? any thoughts?

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Yes, you should be concerned about these errors. These indicate that the data on the volume you are trying to backup is unreadable, perhaps because of file system corruption.


Error 3405 may have additional information listed in the Windows event viewer, check there for any errors during or near the time of the backup.


Error -3407 (unexpected provider error)

Error -1121 (unknown file system)


Neither of these are common errors, I would suggest running some kind of error checking on the disk you are trying to back up from. Speaking of which - what are you trying to back up from? What are you backing up to? What OS is Retro installed on?

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