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Problem finding HP loader

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I am helping one of my clients finding his HP StorageWorks Ultrium 448 tapeloader in Retrospect 7.0.326 Single Server with RDU running on Windows 2000. The tape device itself works fine but the tapeloader will not show up under Devices > Environment.


Troubleshooting we have done this far:

1. Disabled the device in Windows Device Manager.

2. Installed ASPI 4.6 (upgraded to 4.7), the device is using ASPI passthrough

3. Enabled the device in Windows Device Manager again.


After each step we have tried to find teh autoloader in Retrospect Devices but it will not show up, only the tapedevice is there. If we try HP:s own software it is working without problem. Is the AT addon needed in order to use the autoloader on this configuration?


The SCSI card in use is an Adaptec 29160LP, 1 channel with only the HP attached?


I am totally aout of ideas here, can someone please help me to continue troubleshoot this please.


Best regards,

Conny Wikman

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