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Problem setting up Breece Hill 8PAK

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Hi everyone, I have a lovely new Breece Hill AIT2 8PAK, the drive is seeing that it has 4 tapes inside. Retrospect is seeing the drive, but not the 4 tapes. I have Retrospect 6.1.126, on a G5 Mac, running OS X (10.4). Any ideas how I get this working?


Any help would be great.




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Hi Lee,


Please ensure the SCSI id's for the 8PAK are as follows:

X:2:0 tape drive

X:5:0 library


Having the id's on 2 and 5 help prevent common SCSI communication issues when using libraries with Retrospect. Also, ensure you are using a supported SCSI card (not Adaptec) and have the current firmware and extensions for the card, and firmware for the drive/library.

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