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can't see drives


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I have retrospect 5.6, using winxp. I have drives that retrospect does not see. I have the following:


Sony crx160e


Sony crx175a


Lite-on 1210---


I was using aspi 4.60 and for some reason the aspi would not load properly. I then uninstalled all my other backup software, and re-installed retrospect and still could only get the error 100. I then went to the adaptec web-site and ot the aspi version 4.70. It loaded properly in window-xp, but my drives dissappeared, and now retrospect does not see either. The drives do show up in the winxp device manager, and also in my computer. Just not seen by retrospect. Any help would be helpful.







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Hi gelowims,


According to the docs. . .


you do NOT need aspi in windows XP to work with the tape drive.


It uses NT passthru like Win NT and Win2k.


Check the index for aspi in the Retrospect Users guide.pdf (acroreader file)


It will take you to section.


Also if you bring up the RBE and go configure->devices->environment


The box at the top right will say


"Devices visible using NT Passthru" which is another clue of what it is using.


(at least mine does).




Unless your device docs specifically require this I'd try


uninstalling it and seeing what happens.


Have you tried downloading the rdu2.? devices update file


and using it? That's probably the problem.


Just an eduguess,







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Hi Melissa,


I don't pretend to know ANYTHING about either of these subjects (aspi or nt passthru).


In fact, I don't know anything about either!


I was simply relating what RBE documentation said about what RBE does


and according to the docs it uses NT passthru. Also there is NO indication in the docs


that you have any choice in the matter. It says flatly it does NOT use aspi but does use NT passthru under WinXP. Or am I misunderstanding your comment which I take to mean he can choose one or the other.









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