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Windows client--multiple 'adapters'


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I'm trying to back up a Windows98 laptop, and the client (5.6) says "Client networking not available, or service not running." I'm guessing that this is because there are other network adapters present in the network control panel. These other adapters are the BS present for AOL, and I can't remove them because the guy takes his laptop home at night and uses AOL via a modem. Is there some way to make the Retrospect client aware of the actual ethernet card and the associated TCP/IP configuration so that it actually works?






Joe Elliott


IT Manager, BuckSaver Liquidators

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Dantz had an answer to this in their old database, not sure if it's still there. URL was:








but that doesn't seem to be answering today. Here's the answer I wrote down for our users (http://my.brandeis.edu/faq/one?faq%5fid=203#26):




Error 541 is the Dantz error for "that computer is there, it's just not running Retrospect". A main cause of this error is that Retrospect is listening in the wrong place. I've had this a few times with computers with 2 or more ethernet cards (HPLC controllers, etc.).




See Dantz's answer>.Here's the procedure for Windows NT/2000:




1. From the Services control panel get properties on the Retrospect Client service.


2. Stop the Retrospect Client Service.


3. Close the Services control panel


4. From the Start menu, choose Run and type "Regedit" (no quotes).


5. Open the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Dantz\Retrospect Client\5.0, and highlight the 5.x folder. You should see a "BindListener" value set to If the ethernet card you want Retrospect to use has a fixed address, change the BindListener value to that address. If the ethernet card you want Retrospect to use has a dynamic address, set the BindListener value to the network portion of your IP address. For example, if the current IP address is with Subnet Mask, use


6. Close the Registry


7. Restart your computer




The answer for Win 95/98/ME is to fiddle around and pray it works, as far as I can see.








maybe Dantz has a solution for Win 98 now??

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I found that document in the tech. resources, but it still lacks a suggested solution for Win98. I *was* able to fix my problem though. The solution is to remove all the additional adapters, before you install the Retrospect client. Once the client is installed and working, then you can reinstall the drivers for all the additional garbage that you want to appear in the Network Control Panel--the Retrospect driver will remain bound to what was the only network adapter when it was installed, and will continue to work.

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