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dial-up airport = impossible to see clients?


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I am a little confused about some of the postings about backup a client computer over a small network behind an Apple Airport.




I use the Airport with a modem, which means that the Airport shares my single IP address using DHCP and NAT. As I understand it (and the Airport Utility informs me), static IP numbers is not a possibility with this setup.




I have a desktop Mac, running OS X and Retrospect 5.0, and then 2 client computers: a Windows 98 machine, and an Mac OS 9.1 machine. Both have the latest version of the client software on them. Retrospect can see and backup the Windows machine, but not the Macintosh.




What do I need to do so that I can backup the Macintosh?






Steve Buyske





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I am not a 100% sure as to what post you are refering to so I will post what I know in regards to your issue.




1. Assign each AirPort client a static IP address. (You mentioned you couldn't do this.....then I do not think your setup with Airport will work).




2. Turn on Ethernet Bridging so the AirPort client gains an IP address from


a DHCP server on the Ethernet network. For instance, I am on AirPort right


now, but I am obtaining my IP address from another Server. My computer is behaving as


if it was plugged in to the Ethernet network.




Where it will not work:




1. AirPort is sharing its IP address to connected computers using DHCP.


AirPort uses a technology called NAT. Retrospect will be able to see these


clients via multicast, but will not be able to communicate with them.

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