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Can not make good backup


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I am continuing my post from 4-16 due to its age.


I have yet to make a backup even after shortening the number of files to under a single cd's capacity.


Most times I appear to burn ok but when it checks itself I get error 206 repeatably after the first 1/2 or 3/4 of the cd. No warning of trouble untill I check the log.


I have as Zak suggested used multiple brands and types of media: at least 10 each cdr and ten cdrw's


I have no other devices on that internal drive harness/port.


INCD works fine which should eliminate drive and cable.


I have all background programs shut down using killitall.


If this might be a hint: sometimes the drive will keep blinking active and I cannot pause or quit. If I ctrl-alt-del I see retrospoect not responding. If I havn't shut it down "for test purposes" already INCD also indicates not responding. Closing them gives me the blue screen of death forcing power off shutdown.









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Melissa I have not worked with anyone from tech support on this question unless they are not identifying themselves as such.


You, replied, ZakB replied and one man suggested KILLITALL program which I am now using.


I still need help if this program is ever to function for me. By the way, I am not computer illiterate but I am CD liberate.


To clarify one point. I can use incd with no problem and can backup smaller number of files with no trouble. Its not occurring until well into the disk.


Mel S.



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