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7.5 Upgrade of Multi & Clients


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I just finished upgrading from 7.0 to 7.5 on friday. I have to remove the 7.5 client on all of the servers cause I was only getting 9Mb transfer on them. I did notice the HELPER service is gone on one system?!?!?!? Is that correct??? I tried adding the registry keys (exported from one box and imported on the other) and rebooted and tested the tranfer rates but it still sucked bad. So I have removed the 7.5 client although I believe it was fine on a W98 box.


I believe there was another post about the same issue except on Mac. Hopefully its known and being worked on.




Running MultiServer & Addon on W2K and IBM Ultrium 1, with another W2K SQL w/client and another W2K domain/exchange w/client.

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Thanks for the info Foster. So 7.5 client is just broke or is it broke only on W2K?


Do you know anything about these errors? I have two different mailboxes giving errors with 7.5.


- 2/26/2006 2:41:15 AM: Copying B Fikes on exchange

T-117: MBDataInputStream : : PrepareLongProperty: Failure (winerr = 0x80040102) to read long property 0x3fe1.

File "B Fikes\Inbox\00000000784c4e6d75f1994bbf83ac4b3071f6d40100d1d7d1de9eec7849aa75605084e3de67000000140cda0000": can't read, error -1012 (feature unsupported)


- 2/26/2006 2:37:21 AM: Copying D Norton on exchange

File "D Norton\Contacts\000000004dfcaf58595d2b4dbfb8a01e11a969c90700d1d7d1de9eec7849aa75605084e3de67000000003abf0000d1d7d1de9eec7849aa75605084e3de6700000000ac5d0000": can't read, error -3420 (unknown)

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I'm not sure why the client doesn't work in certain situations. It has been working fine for me, but that's on an XP machine.


If you're getting errors on particular files within Exchange mailboxes, those emails could be corrupt or might have a very long subject line which won't back up correctly.


Error -3420 (unknown) is an error that occurs at the OS (or in this case, Exchange) level and Retrospect doesn't have an error to correspond with it. Check Windows Event Viewer or any logging you might have for Exchange to see if you can find more info.

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