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Retro v7.5 on W2003 backing up SNAP mapped drive


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I am running demo Retrospect v7.5 on Windows 2003 server trying to backup mapped network drive that contains SNAP device. I have been unsuccessful with linking into My Network Places to the SNAP device eventhough it is an accessible mapped drive. I tried running as the Logged-in user and Always run as the specified user but either way I get "Error scanning volume -1116(can't access network volume)". I have tried Administrator login and my own name (which also has full administrator rights). Both of these accounts are also administrative users in SNAP. From this W2003 server, within Retrospect, I am able to link into another W2003 server but not the SNAP device. I got the same results when I loaded the demo on another W2003 server. However, I loaded the demo on my WinXP desktop and it can link to the SNAP using my name on Retrospect and SNAP. Problem lies within our W2003 servers. I have spoken with Retrospect support staff several times and they are pretty much out of suggestions. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

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Update the firmware and OS of the SNAP.

Make sure the administrator user you specify in the Retrospect security preferences has admin rights on the machine running Retrospect. It does _not_ need to have admin rights on the SNAP server.


Chances are this is a problem on the SNAP itself. The built in OS doesn't work as well as a real windows machine so problems can arise.




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