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After Reformatting my Maxtor OneTouch...?


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I've just reformatted my Maxtor OneTouch. Now I cannot use OneTouch and get the message: "From Retrospect Express: Script 'Maxtor OneTouch' failed during automatic execution, error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable). Please launch Retrospect Express and check log for details." The log says: "Can't access volume Backup copy of Drive C © on MAXTOR (F:), error -1102 (drive missing/unavailable)...... Execution incomplete".


I'm using Win XP Pro on a Dell 5000 P4, and can do an Immediate Duplicate backup without any problem.


Help. please! How can I get my OneTouch back again...???


Thanks for your help!

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Sorry...I figured that one out.

But......my Onetouch backup now keeps failing quoting error -1014 (malformed name). What does this error mean, and which name is it referring to? I also have several destination volumes all called Backup of Drive C ©, another one appearing each time I use the Onetouch wizard.

I'd really appreciate some guidance - thanks!

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