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Help! Advice needed on Backup Sets . . .


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Can someone please tell me how to configure my Backup Sets to cover my situation:


Right now, I'm backing up around 60GB in RAID to 40GB DLT tapes. I don't have a tape autoloader or changer, and, I would like to setup unattended single tape dumps with the proper tapes preloaded.


At the moment, I have approx 30GB inside "/Users" and approx 30GB outside of "/Users". So I would like to setup two scheduled complete dumps to do these two backups once a week, preferably on Fridays.


But, on Mon - Thur, I want to do scheduled incremental backups of the entire RAID to individual daily tapes.


I do not want to do two incremental dumps per day, one for "/Users" and one for everything outside of "/Users". And, I do not want to do one complete RAID dump across two tapes, as this would require me to be available to change tapes in the middle of the dump.


I don't think that this is too complicated, but I can't see how to make Retrospect for Windows 7 do this.


Can Retrospect Backup Sets be configured to cover this???

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You need to tapes worth of backup, but can't change the tape. Unless you run them on different nights, or schedule one to run during the day, you obviously can't do this.


I would recommend creating a disk backup set that you can perform a backup of everything to on Friday nights. Then, during the day on Monday, perform a Transfer Backup Set from the disk backup set to a tape backup set. That way you will be there to change the tapes and won't cause any excess usage on anything except the backup server. Then increment to that backup set through the week, take the tapes offsite when you leave on Friday, performing a recycle backup to disk, and recycle the tapes on Monday.

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