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Rev Drive Problem

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I have managed to render 4 different Rev drives - 2 USB and 2 Firewire - inoperable while using Retrospect V7 (7.0.265 with drivers). Basically it appears that if I allow Retrospect to try and eject the disk - the Rev drive doesn't successfully do that - and instead starts blinking the front eject button light and at that point becomes unresponsive. I have contacted Iomega on this and have gone through their recommendations on fixing the problem - including powering off the drive after disconnecting it from the computer, manually ejecting the disk and trying a new one, etc. Nothing gets the drive out of this state.


I suspect the first 2 drives bit the dust because I had the setting turned on to automatically eject a full disk during a backup operation. Over the last couple of days - I blundered I think by using the Retrospect UI to perform an eject via the Configure - Volumns screen.


I don't think the drive gets messed up if I eject the disk using the context menu from Windows Explorer.


Unfortunately it has taken me 4 drives to figure this out.


Has anyone else run into this? Is there some setting that I need to change?

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