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Backup ab Disk-Backup-Folder "Restrospect" to tape

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i have a problem with backing up some Folders to tape wich belong to a Hard-Disk-Bakup.

I found an artikel about that issue but i am still not able to solve the prob.

The article says:


"Why is the Disk Backup Set "Retrospect" folder ignored during a backup? It shows zero files in the browser after scanning the drive.

When Retrospect 6.x performs a Disk Backup to a hard drive, a folder named "Retrospect" is created. Retrospect identifies this backup set folder by looking for the file called "dantz" inside the folder named Retrospect. Retrospect automatically ignores the contents of this folder for all backup and duplicate operations when the root of the hard disk is selected as the source. If a user tries to Backup or Duplicate this folder to another disk or other backup media, it will be ignored by Retrospect resulting in Zero files being copied. If a user wishes to make a copy of the "Retrospect" folder (because they want to make a copy of the backup set stored on the hard disk), it must be defined as a subvolume and chosen as a source, rather then choosing the volume root."


But when i try to define the Folder "Retrospect" as a subvolume it still shown no content. I found this has its reason in the file "dantz" wich is in the root of the folder "Retrospect" wich i want to Backup with another Skript.


How can i solve this Problem? I defintely want to run some Bakups to disk and backup this folders later with another script to tape.


Please help me ;-)


I use Retrospect V7 on SBS 2003.


Thanx allot!

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Some more Infos of my whole problem ;-)


The reason for the whole thing ist the following - to let you understand what i am trying to do:


1. Several (Linux-)Webservers are being backuped remotely over night to disk on my Office Server, thats "Backup-Set 1"

2. After completion of the Webserver-Backups the Backup of the (Windows-)Officeserver itself starts ("Backup-Set 2"), this saves to tape. In that Backup the diskspace which holds the Webserverbackups mentioned above should also be included.


What i want to achieve is, to have the Webserver-Backups on disk for fast restoring of files if i have to and also have the good feeling of having a Backup of all that stuff on tape.


So i would still be very happy for any help :-)

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