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Left Pane in Restore Browser Illegible


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When restoring files, after selecting "Select Files..." from the Restore Wizard, you get the browser from which to select the files to be restored.


I find the entire left pane rather useless. Initially I thought it was a display problem that was keeping me from reading the actual folder names in this left pane but apparently the illegibility of this pane is by design.


I think it would be quite useful if the left pane used a standard windows type hierarchy with which to select and restore folders...at minimum I think the actual folder names should be shown there for ease of navigation.


Thanks for considering this modification.



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The right pane works the way you suggested.


Items selected for backup/restore represent bold lines on the left pane. The idea is to allow you to jump more quickly to items that are selected for backup/restore. It is really useful when trying to dig through a big data set.



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