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error -2249 (could not find session)

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Hello. Would someone be able to help me with an error? I use Retrospect 7 Single Server with about 30 clients. I have two 300 GB USB2 drives, each with one disk backup set. I have grooming set to the Retrospect defined policy.


Here's a clip from my log:


+Executing Grooming at 1/5/2006 10:34 AM (Execution unit 1)

Grooming Backup Set Backup Set B...

Grooming Backup Set Backup Set B failed, error -2249 (could not find session)

Can't compress Catalog File for Backup Set Backup Set B, error -1 (unknown)

1/5/2006 11:01:06 AM: Execution incomplete


Two questions:

1) How can I figure out which session it could not find?

2) I have "Don't compress catalog file information" checked in the backup set options. Why would it still try to compress the catalog file?


Thanks for your help,


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I wish I could help you but I'm in a similar boat. On 1/6/6 I noted two event entries for the same time period, both containing the message:




Grooming Backup Set Notebooks failed, error -2249 (could not find session)




I also noted at the time that a dialog box asking for another disk for the Notebooks backup set was obscured. I cancelled the request for a second disk (I didn't have one). The member properties for the first disk is set to use at most 93% of the disk at the recommendation of Dantz support. I have not yet set up a scheduled job to defragment that disk.




This failure left the disk backup set busy, causing my "Transfer to Snapshots" scheduled script to wait indefinitely for the backup set to become available. The Proactive Backup for the network-attached notebooks also has not run since the failure. Fortunately the Proactive Backup for the servers continue to run so the servers are protected (for now).




The last couple of times this happened, I deleted the Notebooks disk backup set and recreated it on a larger disk. That freed everything up. However, I don't have that option now.




BTW: I'm running Retrospect Multi-Server 7.0.326 on a Windows 2003 Server. I also have the grooming policy for the Notebooks disk backup set set to "Groom to Retrospect defined policy".





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I'm running MultiServer version 7.0.326 with Restrospect Update version




The disks of interest are:


System (C:), Total = 10GB, Free = 5.90GB


Retrospect1 (R:), Total = 31GB, Free = 2.65GB - Notebooks disk backup set


Retrospect2 (S:), Total = 21GB, Free = 4.52GB - Servers disk backup set




Both backup sets are set to use at most 93% of the disk. Each backup set is on its own RAID-5 dynamic volume.




Since my previous Email, the reservation was released on the Notebooks disk backup set which allowed the "Transfer Snapshots to Tape" script to proceed. The release may have occurred as a side effect of restarting once or twice to install security patches. Also a grooming operation successfully completed on the Servers backup set.




All scripts, excpet the Notebooks Proactive script, continue to execute successfully. The Notebooks script is in a state of waiting for media. If I can, I'll try to reset the Notebooks backup set as a short-term solution to resuming the client backups.




Hope this additional information helps,


-D. Beidle

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